Child Lures Prevention


Child Lures Prevention: Think first and stay safe

Indiana Center for Prevention of Youth Abuse and Suicide is proud to partner with Child Lures Prevention to bring Think First & Stay Safe™ and Teen Lures® school curriculum to classrooms throughout Central Indiana.

Approved by the Indiana Department of Education, the Think First & Stay Safe™ program strives for a balanced perspective that will preserve as much of the innocence and optimism of childhood as possible.

While it is imperative to arm children with personal safety strategies, it is also essential to reassure them that most people are good and kind. Most people help others when the need arises.

Students learn what constitutes healthy and respectful social relationships. When children know how to build and maintain healthy social relationships from a young age, it is easier for them to recognize and avoid inappropriate and abusive behaviors as they grow.

Students also learn how to set personal boundaries and how to respect the boundaries of others. The program teaches students how to identify trusted adults, as well as how and where to reach out for help. The program emphasizes that all kids have a right to be safe, and there are laws to help keep kids safe. It assures children that being bullied or abused is never a child's fault.

Think First & Stay Safe™ teaches students to identify and outsmart the lures that are universally used in predatory crimes against children, most often by someone the child knows. Students learn essential personal safety skills to improve self-reliance and raise self-esteem, while being consistently reassured that most people are kind, safe and committed to their well-being. 

Think First & Stay Safe™ has been scientifically evaluated and proven to be highly effective in educating and safeguarding children, based on the federally-mandated Principles of Effectiveness and is a nationally recognized program for child sexual abuse education.



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